Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Arts - Department of Religious Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Program Description

The Department of Religious Studies offers a bachelor degree in Religious Studies that concentrates on the study of Christianity from a Catholic and ecumenical point of view. It seeks to meet the spiritual and academic needs of all its students, and promotes the study of religion at university level. The program aims at promoting an appreciation of the religious culture of the Holy Land in an ecumenical and interfaith atmosphere. Students have to finish 64 credit hours in the major courses offered by our department.

Along with their major program, students are expected to complete 24 credit hours of a minor in any minor program the students would like to choose, but as a department we guide them to choose the minor offered by our department or a minor in Psychology because as the future teachers of religion they need such minors. 

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