Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Arts - Department of Arabic

Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature

Program Description

The goals of the Department of Arabic are aligned with the University’s vision and mission in meeting the needs of the Palestinian people.

The objectives of the Department of Arabic could be summarized in the following points:

1- Provide local and international markets with graduates who are qualified to work in the teaching media and translation field. 

2- Prepare the students for graduate studies.

3- Empower students with the methods of scientific research.

4- Educate students about the Authentic Arab Values.

5- Develop the Arabic language taste.

6- Enlighten the student of the importance of the Arabic language and role in the public life.

7- Increase the Student language prosperity.

8- Strengthen the principle freedom in expressing and accepting other options.

9- Accept, respect and appreciate the literature.

10- Reinforce and promote the teaching profession, journalism and translation.

11- Reinforce and motivate the journalism and media in search of seeking the truth.  

12- Promote the integrity in the scientific research.

13- Evaluate the  students’ belonging to their mother tongue that presents their identity and culture.

14- Reinforce the credibility and objectivity in the media and journalism writing.

15- Motivate the students towards seeking new knowledge. 

16- prepared qualified translators in various fields of translation.

17- Prepare specialist reporters in the journalism field and audio visual written media.

18- Enable students to produce newspapers , documentaries and radio programs. 

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Bethlehem, Palestine