Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Arts - Department of Arabic

Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

Cognitive goals:

1-  Know the basics of the Arabic language skills: reading writing listening and speaking.

2-  Have the adequate knowledge about  modern and classical literary genres.

3-  Know the characteristics of the Arabic language and its various styles .

4-  Know the influences and vulnerability of the Arabic language and its literature though the ages.

5-  Critically analyse literature poetry and prose .

6-  Know the modern poetry rules in different life situation.

7-  Developed in creative Arabic literature writing skills, media and research.

8-  Know the cultural and knowledge-based of the genesis of the Arabic language and the history of its development.

9-  Know the Arabic language grammar.

10-  Know the rules of verb forms.

11 -Know the poetry rhyme.

Skills in Arabic Language:

1-  Express their ideas using oral language.

2-  Express their written language by taking into consideration the grammar, spelling and morphological ( form and content ).

3-  Use a proper linguistics and literature sources.

4-  Prepare scientific research according to the research scientific methods.

5-  Analyze literary texts according to various texts analyze methods.

6-  Speak stander Arabic language.

7-  Know the comprehensive reading and audio rules.

8-  Express correct text according to their rules.


1- Adopt the Arab values through mastering the Arabic language.

2- Honor their Arabic belonging and identity.

3- Commit to the research methodology ethics.

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