Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Tarek Juffali Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences - Department of Nursing & Midwifery

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Program Description

The primary purpose of the baccalaureate nursing program of Bethlehem University is to educate professional nurses to meet the health and nursing needs of the Palestinian Society. The baccalaureate nursing program is designed to prepare nurses to professionally contribute to the well-being and offer significant health services to people.

The Faculty of Nursing participates in promoting the profession by updating its programs according to the society's needs. Thus, its graduates provide leadership for the improvement of health and nursing care. They also function effectively on a professional level, and recognize the need for continuing professional development. The faculty of Nursing also gives an opportunity for Palestinian nurses to specialize in certain areas such as Midwifery, Neonatal nursing, Emergency, Oncology and Palliative Care and up-grading program, thus trying to maintain high standards of professional care.

Finally, one of the program's aspirations is for the society to value nursing as a profession of life-long learning and caring.

The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences offers four distinct programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.  The Nursing program is also offered on the University's off campus site in Qubeibeh. These programs prepare professional graduates who can work with a multidisciplinary health team, clients, and their families to meet the client's health needs and to upgrade the quality of health care in various health settings. 

The language of instruction in the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences is English.

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