Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Arts - Department of English

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Program Description

The bachelor degree in English Language and Literature is a four-year program at the undergraduate level that offers to the students the opportunity to engage in the study of language, linguistics and literature.  Students are immersed in the practice of the four language skills, the basic theory of linguistics, the appreciation of English and World literature originally written in English or in translation, and critical theory and its application. The main language courses introduce the students to the skills of academic reading and writing and offer them the opportunity to become aware of the features of academic reading and to practice academic writing.

 Courses in oral communication afford students the opportunity to speak to an audience and to practice public speaking in a variety of settings. Once accepted into the major, students are expected to successfully complete a course on research skills in Language and Literature and become well acquainted with the APA and MLA documentation styles. On the other hand, linguistics courses highlight the complexity and regularity of language as well as language use. Exposing students to data from a variety of language backgrounds and settings allows them to approach their own language differently and critically. 

Exposure to the world of English literature (originally written in English or translated into it) avails to the students valuable foreign cultures and histories; critical, social, political, and philosophical theories; ethnicities and gender-related topics. Upon completion of the program, the students are expected to develop the necessary research, critical and analytical skills that would serve them in the world of academia and beyond. The totality of these skills and knowledge prepares the students to pursue graduate studies or to join the multicultural work environment in Palestine or multinational workforce globally. 

Accordingly, students are offered a variety of theoretical and practical courses in the specified fields offered by a specialized and dedicated faculty.  Along with their major program, students of the English Department are required to complete 24 credit hours of a minor in one of the following fields, Translation, Business, Journalism, French, or Psychology. 

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