Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Education - Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Diploma in Education in Secondary Level - Teaching Arabic Language

Program Learning Outcomes


Students are able to:

  • command the principles of grammar and their use
  • demonstrate knowledge of the basics and criteria of different written and oral expressions and structures
  • demonstrate knowledge of the concepts, themes of reading texts
  • enrich language vocabularies
  • know famous language scientists and their achievements
  • show knowledge of the punctuation remarks and their role in forming the meanings
  • demonstrate knowledge of the theories and approaches of teaching Arabic language
  • demonstrate knowledge of the different means of evaluating Arabic skills and contents
  • demonstrate knowledge of the different types of readings: loud, silent and comprehending

Skills (Intellectual and Practical)

Students are able to:

  • communicate with others in fine and good language
  • improve and develop the language skills of his/her students
  • read and understand and criticize  poems and literary pieces
  • to express himself orally and in written formats(structure and calligraphy)
  • think scientifically, critically, analytically and to summarize and synthesize
  • engage in discussion, express his opinion, and role play
  • use language dictionaries and resources
  • instill in his students the love of Arabic language and commitment to it



Students are able to:

  • show a positive attitude toward developing the language and follow its latest development
  • enjoy reading poems and literary pieces
  • promote a positive attitudes toward free readings and enjoy it
  • value the language scientists and their achievements 
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