Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Science - Department of Software Engineering

Bachelor in Software Engineering in Software Engineering

Program Learning Outcomes

1-  Understand and implement the best practices of software engineering to develop high-performance, maintainable software:

  • Capture, analyze and document computing system requirements.
  • Translate system requirements into an implementable software design.
  • Design test strategies to verify correct and robust software functionality.

2- Analyze, localize and solve problems in complex software systems.

3- Acquire new knowledge and technical skills through self-learning.

4- Understand computer essentials sufficiently to be prepared to pursue graduate studies in ICT

5- Engage in life-long learning for emerging technologies and their implications for ICT.

6- Understand current issues in software development which impact society.

7- Communicate effectively in oral and written formats in both technical and non-technical environments.

8- Work effectively as a team member.

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