Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Science - Department of Computational Sciences and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Simulation in Science and Engineering

Program Learning Outcomes


PLO1: Understand and solve scientific (Math and Physics) and engineering     problems using simulation tools.

PLO2: Read and understand commercial software package-handbooks.

PLOS3Understand Mathematical language reasoning hypothesizing, questioning   and logical and Mathematical thinking.

PLO4:  Write codes for scientific computing. 


PLO5: Participate in cutting edge computer-based research in Math and Science. 

 PLO6: Modify and customize available commercial software towards own specific needs by adding user-defined subroutines to it.

PLO7Transfer the mathematical and physics knowledge to other courses and to real life problems.    

PLO8: Plan, execute and report the results of a complex extended experiment or investigation in Physics.


PLO9: Appreciate the contribution of Mathematics and Science in solving real life problems. 

PLO10:     Work independently and within a team with confidence.

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