Bethlehem University Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Education - Department of Early Childhood Education

Master in in Creative Pedagogies and Community Practices

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

Participating in transforming the educational sector approaches from a traditional teachers-centered approach to an inclusive, equitable learner–centered approach.


Changing the role of teachers and other education trainers, and practitioners from knowledge providers to facilitators of knowledge


Equipping educators and practitioners with creative pedagogies and techniques in formal and non-formal teaching and learning settings where learning is taking place.


Equip educators and practitioners with the skills and knowledge to use arts-based research methodology.


Contributing to the development of a culture of research in education and community practices.



Strengthening the role of the arts as powerful tools in creative pedagogies in community and educational settings.


Contributing to a new culture of Teaching and Learning.

Program Outcomes

By the end of the program students will be able to:

Demonstrate a higher level of understanding of key concepts and principles related to the philosophy of learner-centered approach in humane inclusive learning environments.


Become familiar with the factors that influence the learning process in the formal, and non-formal educational settings.


Recognize the different theories of creative pedagogies and their applications.


Demonstrate understanding of the differences between the creative, critical and reflective thinking as a cognitive and embodied process.


Demonstrate understanding of arts-based research methodology and how this is positioned in relation to conventional social science methodologies.


Apply arts-based and action research methodologies in different educational settings. 


Use creative pedagogies to support learners’ creative and social thinking capacities.


Plan inclusive and equitable learning opportunities for learners (young and adults) based on creative pedagogies.


Analyse educational settings that support or limit opportunities for the applications of creative pedagogies.


Appreciate the importance of reflective practice in the process of self and professional development.


Developing personal commitment to the transformation of education towards inclusive and equitable active methods and learner - centeredness.


Become actively engaged in the process of community awareness towards creative pedagogies and community practices.


Appreciate the distinctive contributions arts-based and participatory action research can make to the learning process and sustainable teaching practices.


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