Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Faculty of Arts - Department of Arabic

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media and Communication

Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge base:

Graduates of this program will be able to practice interactive media in two parts: content authoring and editing. They will also be able to employ new technology efficiently in accordance with professional rules and media science.

Graduates will be capable media professionals that can work for Palestinian, Arab, and foreign media agencies, in accordance with the rules and theories of the advanced modern media production.


Learners will gain media production skills (Management, editing, and technical), including how to plan media programs and to author and edit media content professionally in line with media basics. 

They will also learn photography of the media content by utilizing digital photography technology, and by acquiring skills to utilize this technology and implement it.  Learners will have the ability to plant and manage time and to design and conduct research in media and to design artistic templates for interactive media.

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