Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration - Department of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration

Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of micro and macro-economics:

  1. Knowledge of business and financial markets and how they operate.
  2. The application of quantitative methods and statistics to business problems.
  3. The understanding of the role of the professionals in corporate governance and business ethics.
  4. The understanding of organizations and of the environments in which they operate, including the major economic, legal, political, social, technical, international and cultural forces and their influences and values.
  5. The understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics in organizations, including the methods for creating and managing change in organizations.
  6. The understanding of personnel and human resource issues, managing people, project management, and marketing.
  7. The understanding of decision support and strategy, including business advice, strategic management and general management.
  8. The understanding of organizational and operational risk.
  9. The knowledge of international trade and finance and the ways in which international business is conducted, as well as the processes of globalization.
  10. The ability to integrate the above components in accomplishing strategic objectives.
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