Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Characteristics of the Graduates



Grounded in the Mission of the University, the review of the characteristics of the Bethlehem University graduate is inspired by the vision and values that underpin the Strategic Plan 2012-2018.

Vision: Bethlehem University seeks to inspire and empower students to be successful scholars, leaders, professionals, and citizens engaged in building a free and vibrant Palestine

Values: The University strives to foster the values of Dignity, Equity, Excellence, Inclusiveness, and Justice in its people, culture and programs.

These characteristics/attributes describe what the university community agrees are the understandings, skills and attitudes that its students should acquire while studying at Bethlehem University regardless of the discipline they specialize in. The curriculum is then to be regularly reviewed to ensure that courses and programs are helping students to achieve these characteristics.

The Attributes of Bethlehem University Graduates

The attributes can be described under three broad titles:

  1. Academic and Professional
  2. Local and Global Citizenship
  3. Personal

A:  Academic and Professional

  1. Have solid core knowledge in their academic field of study,including practical field experience, and are prepared for a career and to pursue graduate studies. 
  2. Are equipped with skills of enquiry and research to apply their knowledge, access new knowledge, and critically access various sources of information.
  3. Are able to communicate ideas clearly and confidently in writing and verbally both in English and Arabic, and to explain their reasoning approach objectively and critically.
  4. Are at ease with technology and capable of using it effectively and ethically in their academic and professional lives. 
  5. Have an understanding and appreciation of major fields ofknowledge including, scientific, environmental, literary, historical, religious, philosophical, and artistic.
  6. Are committed to and act in accordance with the internationally accepted ethical standards in their profession.


B:  Local and Global Citizenship

  1. Are equipped to take their role as citizens who understand local and global issues that concern humanity and who can effect positive change in the situations and environment in which they operate
  2. Are productive, committed, and responsible citizens who work for the common good, act ethically with openness to the other, and are respectful of the diversity that characterizes the Palestinian society.
  3. Are global citizens who are aware of and responsive to the values of justice, liberation, and volunteerism, especially as they pertain to Palestine.


C: Personal

  1. Are independent thinkers capable of leading significant lives, of making sound choices and decisions, capable of working in teams, and who can respond creatively to a variety of challenges in their environment.
  2.  Are self-motivated lifelong learners who are empowered to enhance their own professional, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.


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