Bethlehem University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021



The Main Building, constructed in 1893, and re-dedicated in 2007 as De La Salle Hall, houses the general administrative offices and some Faculty of Arts offices, classrooms, a computer laboratory, Dean of Students and Student Counseling Offices. Offices, classrooms, and a restaurant for the Institute of Hotel Management are located in the basement.  A chapel was added in 1907.

The University Library, dedicated in 1978, houses a collection of over 38,000 Arabic Books, 49,000 English Books, 19 electronic journals, and more than 660 periodical subscriptions in Arabic, English, and other foreign languages. The four-floor building includes three floors of open stacks combined with study areas, as well as librarians’ offices.

The Science Building, opened in 1980, contains science laboratories and classrooms, the Brother Joe Lecture Hall, offices for the Faculty of Science, and a Computer Center that provides technical support for administrative and instructional purposes.

The Social and Cultural Center, dedicated in 1991, contains a cafeteria, an auditorium, offices, and rooms for art, music, physical fitness and athletics.  The Center with its adjacent amphitheater provides a location for many cultural events for the University and for the people of Bethlehem.

The size of the campus was increased in 1995 when adjacent property and a classical Bethlehem building were purchased.  The beautiful 1910 structure, renamed Bethlehem Hall, was remodeled to house programs offered by the Faculty of Nursing, the University Clinic, and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Millennium Hall, a five-story building constructed on existing property, went into service in February 2002. It houses the Faculties of Arts and Business Administration and has 15 classrooms, 18 faculty offices, a lecture hall, and a computer laboratory.

The newest building on campus is the Education Building which was completed in 2012.  The four-storey building has 8 classrooms, office space for 23 faculty members, a drama rehearsal hall, and was built, as far as possible, according to “green” standards.

Also on campus is a residence for the Christian Brothers, accommodating fourteen.

The Institute for Community Partnership is located on a plot of land located about 200 meters from the main campus of the University.  Offices for the Institute and several classrooms, added in 2005, are on the site as well as a faculty-student parking area, tennis courts and a soccer pitch. 

The Mar Andrea facility, located about 1.5 km from the main campus, was completed in 1979.  It was recently refurnished to house the Palestinian Museum of Natural History.  It also contains offices for Institute for Community Partnership projects, and a fully equipped computer lab.  On the same property is a convent to house religious women who work at the University. 

The Brother Vincent Malham Center is located near the center of Bethlehem and is only about 200 meters from the Basilica of the Nativity.  It houses some research and instructional programs in the Arabic language.

The latest property acquisitions of Bethlehem University (2013) are three buildings on Manger Road about 360 meters from the main gate of the University. The largest formerly housed the Mt. David Orthopedic Hospital and will substantially increase the space available to the University. Two classical buildings, Handal House and Salem House were also included in the acquisition.

All these new facilities were funded by international agencies interested in assisting Bethlehem University pursue its educational objectives.

Bethlehem University makes efforts to provide for students with special needs.  The campus is suitably equipped to allow ease of access for these students.


To carry out its mission in promoting research and serving the wider community, Bethlehem University has established several outreach programs:

  • Abdel Rahman Zuroub Teacher Resource Center
  • Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute
  • Center for Advanced Studies and Research in the field of International Cooperation and Development
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Hereditary Research Laboratory
  • Institute for Community Partnership
  • UNESCO Biotechnology Center
  • Water and Soil Environmental Research Unit

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Bethlehem, Palestine