Academic programs

The programs offered by the Faculties and Departments at Bethlehem University were designed to meet the aspirations of individual students, and to fulfill the university’s objective in responding to the needs and promoting the well-being of the community. To earn a Bachelor degree a student must complete requirements for a major, the university general education requirements as well as all requirements for a minor where applicable. The following are the Majors, Minors, and diploma programs offered by the faculties and departments.

Faculty of Arts
Department of Arabic
Bachelor’s Degree:   Arabic Language and Literature
       Minors: Arabic, Translation, Journalism

Department of English
Bachelor’s Degree:  English Language and Literature
       Minor: French

Department of Religious Studies
Bachelor’s Degree:  Religious Studies
       Minor: Catechetic
Diploma: Religious Education

Department of Social Sciences
Master’s Degree:  Social Work
Bachelor’s Degree:  Sociology, Social Work
Minors: Sociology, Psychology

Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration
Department of Business Administration
Master’s Degree:  International Cooperation and Development
Bachelor’s Degree:  Business Administration
       Minors: Business Administration, Marketing

Department of Accounting
Bachelor’s Degree:  Accounting
       Minors: Accounting, Finance

Faculty of Education
Bachelor’s Degree:
Lower Primary
Upper Primary Teaching Arabic Language
Upper Primary Teaching English Language
Upper Primary Teaching Mathematics
 Upper Primary Teaching History and Geography 

Diplomas in Education:
Secondary Level Teaching Arabic Language
 Secondary Level Teaching English Language
 Upper Primary Teaching Social Studies
 Upper Primary Teaching Sciences
 Upper Primary Teaching Mathematics
 Teaching Christian Religion

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
Bachelor’s Degree:
Occupational Therapy
Higher Diplomas:
 Neonatal Nursing
Emergency Nursing

Faculty of Science
Department of Biology
Master’s Degree:  Biotechnology
Bachelor’s Degree:  Biology
       Minor: Biology, Medical Laboratory Science

Department of Chemistry
Bachelor’s Degree:  Chemistry
       Minor: Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry

Department of Mathematics
Bachelor’s Degree:  Mathematics
       Minor: Mathematics

Department of Computer Information Systems
Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Information Systems
       Minor: Computer Information Systems

Department of Physics
      Minor: Physics

Institute of Hotel Management
Master’s Degree:  Tourism Studies
Bachelor’s Degree:  Hotel Management
Diplomas: Hotel Management
                 Travel Agency Management
                 Tour Guiding

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