Probation indicates that a student has fallen below the minimum academic requirements of the University and is in danger of being dismissed.  For freshman and sophomore students, this generally means that they are below the criteria necessary to earn Acceptance to Major.  For those who have been accepted into a major, this generally means that they are below the criteria for graduation.  Specifically, the following warrant Probation:

  1. Failure in Intensive English.
  2. Failure in two courses in any one semester while taking a full load of five courses (not including Physical Education or Community Service).
  3. Failure to maintain an overall cumulative GPA according to the following:

        (i)   0 to 39 credit hours: 1.75
        (ii)  40 to 70 credit hours: 1.90  
        (iii) 71+ credit hours: 2.00.

d.  Failure to earn Acceptance to Major at the prescribed time (see Acceptance to Major).

e.  Failure to maintain a cumulative Major GPA of 2.00.

Students on Probation are limited to a semester load of twelve credits, not including Physical Education or Community Service.  Students who are not accepted to Major because they have not taken a necessary course, but who have a major GPA and a semester GPA of 2.00 or above, are not limited to 12 or 14 credits during their semester on Probation. 

A student will be removed from Probation when s/he returns to the minimum required level of academic performance.  As Probation indicates that the student is not performing at a minimally acceptable level, it is necessary to limit the number of semesters that a student is on Probation.  A student may be on Probation (1) for a maximum of two consecutive semesters, or (2) for a maximum of three non-consecutive semesters.  This means that a student who merits a third consecutive or a fourth non-consecutive semester of Probation will be dismissed from the University. 

The Summer Session does not count as a semester on Probation, but it can change a student's probationary status for the following Fall Semester.

   1.   If a student is placed on Probation for the Fall Semester because of a low major GPA (below 2.0) or overall cumulative GPA (below minimum specified in 12.c above) on the Spring grade report, s/he could remove the Fall Probation by raising his/her GPA on the Summer grade report above the required minimum.  In this case, the removed Probation would not be considered when counting the number of probationary semesters determining dismissal.

   2.   A student whose Spring grade report does not place him/her on Probation for the Fall Semester, can still be placed on Probation in the Fall if his/her major or overall cumulative GPA on the Summer grade report falls below the required minimum.  However, for those students who were also on Probation during the previous Spring Semester, this Fall Semester Probation would be considered non-consecutive because of the satisfactory performance in the Spring.

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