Procedures for Second Bachelor’s Degree

Bethlehem University permits holders of a bachelor's degree to earn a second bachelor's degree from the University. The first step in seeking a second bachelor's degree from Bethlehem University is to be admitted to the University as an undergraduate student. The candidate should follow either procedure A or B in the following section (depending on whether the first bachelor's degree was earned at Bethlehem or at another college/university).

Upon admission to the University, the student must meet all curricular requirements to earn a bachelor's degree and complete the requirements of a major other than the major completed in obtaining the first degree. The course of studies for the second degree will include at least 40 credit hours not counted for any other degree. These 40 credits and any other credit hours needed to complete the second bachelor's degree must be earned at Bethlehem University. Credit by examination or credit for experience cannot be counted toward fulfilling the requirement.

Students seeking a second bachelor's degree must follow degree requirements as outlined in this Catalog as they pertain to the completion of a major course of studies, fulfilling general education requirements, and applying for graduation.  Candidates for a second bachelor's degree are not eligible for honors at graduation.

Previous credits earned (elsewhere or at Bethlehem University) will be treated as transfer credits. They shall not apply in determining GPA, class rank, rank in the major, and honors at graduation.

The student will follow the graduation and major requirements that are in effect when the student applies for the second degree. For graduates of Bethlehem University either the current University Requirements or those in effect prior to 1998 are acceptable

While attending Bethlehem University, seekers of a second bachelor's degree will pay the tuition specified for Second Bachelor’s Degree candidates. They can register for up to 17 credits in any semester.  In other areas, they are not distinguished from other Bethlehem University undergraduate students.

Case A

Holders of a degree from a college or university other than Bethlehem University must:

  1. Seek admission to Bethlehem University as an undergraduate student;
  2. Submit an official transcript of credits from all previous colleges / universities attended. An evaluation of these credits will be made according to the University's transfer policies. The evaluation will list major and general education requirements needed to complete the second bachelor's degree. Upon receiving final admission, the student may begin course work during the next academic term (Fall, Spring, or Summer).

Case B

Holders of a bachelor's degree from Bethlehem University must complete an application form for the second bachelor's degree at the Office of the Registrar. This application includes:

  1. Approval of the Department chairperson;
  2. A listing of the courses needed to complete the major (the chairperson will prepare this list);
  3. A statement that a minimum of 40 credits must be earned at Bethlehem University in addition to the credits counted in earning the first degree.

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