Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program the student should be able to:

Understand the different theoretical and sociological schools and concepts

  • Understand the important role of social theories.

  • Compare, analysis  the difference between the theoretical trends

  • Have the ability to apply them in their studies of social phenomena. .

Understand the sociological concepts which frame the base of social theories

  • Develop the knowledge and critical thinking to social phenomena in the Palestinian community.

  • Develop structured criticisms in understanding the social phenomena.

  • Understand the importance of critical thinking at the economic and social effects

  • Asses the theoretical and critical trends within the cultural and political status of the Palestinian community.

Have improved skills through the following:

  • Improving the  ability to design and implement social research

  • Using quantitative and qualitative indicators in forming social knowledge

  • Enhancing the understanding of the process of using scientific research

  • Comparing between both the quantitative and qualitative methods in developing the research methodology.

  • Enhancing the ability to criticize and analyze the scientific published study to build their own research questions

  • Building the capacity to manage resources through using the recent and up to date citations and bibliography criteria

Change behavior and attitudes through:

  • Understing the diversity in others opinions.

  • Using dialogues as a teaching methods and as an essential way to learn new ideas .

  • Respecting the individuals and groups rights for self-determination.

  • Increasing committement to social justice and develop the social responsibility.

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