Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration  

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of the history of the accounting profession and accounting thought;
  2. Knowledge of content, concepts, structure and meaning of reporting for organizational operations, both for internal and external use, including the information needs of financial decision makers and a critical assessment of the role of accounting information in satisfying these needs;
  3. Knowledge of the American generally accepted accounting standards;
  4. Knowledge of the international accounting reporting standards;
  5. Knowledge of the regulation of accounting;
  6. Knowledge of management accounting tools including planning, budgeting, cost management, quality control, performance measurement, and benchmarking;
  7. Knowledge of the concepts of control and the methods of implementing controls that provide for the accuracy and integrity of financial data and safeguarding of assets;
  8. Knowledge of taxation and its impact on financial and managerial decisions;
  9. Knowledge of the business and legal environment, including securities laws and the stock exchange laws and regulations;
  10. Knowledge of the nature of auditing and other assurance services, including risk assessment and fraud detection and the procedures to perform such services;
  11. Knowledge of finance and financial management, including  financial statement analysis, financial instruments, capital markets, both domestic and international, and managing resources;
  12. Knowledge of ethical and professional responsibilities of a professional accountant in relation to both the professional and wider public environment;
  13. Knowledge of governmental and not-for-profit accounting issues;
  14. Knowledge of the use of non-financial performance measures in business.


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