The curriculum of Bethlehem University is the result of a consultative process in which the faculty first identified the characteristics which they believe each graduate should possess and then selected courses designed to assist the student in developing these characteristics.  These courses are arranged in four categories: university requirements, major requirements, minor requirements and electives.  The curriculum is designed so that the baccalaureate graduate of Bethlehem University will:
1. be capable of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the Arabic language fluently and accurately; 
2. be capable of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English at the specified level;
3. be capable of performing designated mathematical operations at a prescribed level of proficiency;
4. be an independent learner, capable of using effectively traditional and modern sources of information;
5. be capable of thinking critically and creatively by analyzing and synthesizing;
6. be familiar with the principles of leadership and organization and have some experience in a leadership capacity;
7. be familiar with the dominant cultures in the  world  today, with special attention to the Palestinian and Arab cultures;
8. understand the principles of economics and the impact of economics on the family, the local community, the country, the region and the world;
9. be informed about a variety of political and social systems with particular emphasis on the Palestinian experience;
10. be prepared to deal with the many facets of life from a moral and ethical point of view;
11. be able to understand the place of religion in human experience, both the past experience of civilization and in the personal experience of the individual student;
11. be equipped for a career or prepared to begin graduate study;
12. have an understanding of the major approaches to knowledge, including scientific, historical, philosophical, theological, literary, and artistic.

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