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Higher Diploma in Midwifery

Course Description

MDWF 509 Neonatology (Cr. 2)
This course provides students with necessary knowledge about assessment, immediate and continuous care of the newborn, knowledge and skills necessary to identify the newborn at risk, recognize abnormalities and birth trauma of the newborn and in addition to emphasize factors that place fetus newborn at risk.
MDWF 514 Scope of Professional Practice I  (Cr. 4)
This course provides students with essential concepts and theoretical development of midwifery in various models of midwifery practice. Emphasis is given to gynecological problems and concern for women during their life stages, health issues associated with infertility and fertility, genetic disorders, sexuality concerns, violence against women and compromising behavior.  It also emphasizes health promotion strategies, health education and screening programs that are available locally, nationally and internationally.
MDWF 515 Applied Anatomy & Physiology  (Cr. 3)
This course is designed to broaden students previously acquired knowledge of human reproduction.  Major concepts include anatomy and physiology of the female and male reproductive systems with emphasis on the female.  Embryology and genetics are explored with a focus on fetal development and factors that contribute to fetal malformation and inherited disorders.
MDWF 516 Women’s Health & Abnormal Child Birth (Cr. 4)  
This course presents students necessary knowledge about  high risk pregnancy, diseases and disorders associated with pregnancy, labor and postnatal with it’s complications.  It explores the role of the midwife in planning and offering care based on the women’s condition, in addition it provides students with necessary skills to practice independently or with joint care of women who are at risk or experiencing complications during delivery and the knowledge to seek medical help when necessary or use emergency measures in the absence of medical help.
MDWF 517 Scope of Professional Practice II (Cr. 4)
This course is designed to provide students with insight into women’s health issues.  Midwifery practice issues are a major focus along with ethics and moral dilemmas encountered by the practitioner in gynecology and midwifery, concepts of practice related to accountability, standards adopted by the international confederation of midwives and an overview of maternal health care services and issues.  To develop reflective practice, critical incidence in practice and concepts that can be applied to the role of midwife and the care of the mother are also discussed.   
MDWF 518 Midwifery Management (Cr. 1)
This course introduces students to concepts of human resource management. Emphasis is placed on the ability to utilize the management process. Midwifery students also learn about their role in effecting and managing change in their clinical areas.
MDWF 519 Midwifery Research (Cr. 2)
This course is designed to broaden existing information and knowledge   about the research process, theories, methodology analysis and its application in midwifery practice.
MDWF 520 Preceptorship  (Cr. 2)
This course enables midwifery students to play an effective role in the clinical setting and participate in the orientation program for newly employed midwives or students.  With advanced technology used in health institutions, particularly in hospitals, as well as the level of intensity required in the client and community care, a structured orientation program is essential for new staff members to help them adjust to the new system.
MDWF 521 Practicum: Antenatal Care I (Cr.1)
This course gives students the opportunity to apply theory learned while  emphasizing  management of pregnant women during the antenatal period and to differentiate between normal and high risk cases and to practice the role of health educator by means of  antenatal classes.   
MDWF 525  Practicum: Post Partum Care (Cr. 1)
This course gives students the opportunity to apply theories learned and to practice the role independently, to work with the women and  baby after birth,  to be aware of any post partum complications and to practice the role in caring for gynecological patients.

MDWF 527  Practicum Labor & Delivery II (Cr. 2)
This advanced course gives students the chance to work in the delivery room independently with normal deliveries, to increase self confidence in  deliveries, to differentiate between normal and abnormal deliveries and to manage normal labor and neonatal care as well as to assist in abnormal labor.
MDWF 528 Practicum: Antenatal Care II (Cr. 2)
This course gives the chance for students to apply the theory learned, to practice the role of community midwife, to broaden experience, to facilitate working with women independently during pregnancy, to give the chance to differentiate between normal and abnormal pregnancy, to deal with gynecological problems, to implement screening tests that are necessary for women from different age groups and to practice the role of counselor for postnatal women. 
MDWF 529  Extended Practicum (Cr. 3)
This period of practicum strengthens clinical skills of the midwifery students and encourages them to develop more independent use of clinical judgment and decision-making when caring for the mothers.
MDWF 530 Practicum Labor and Delivery I (Cr. 2)
The course gives  students the chance to observe deliveries and apply theory learned and to know how to manage normal labor when following up the women.
MDWF 531 Practicum: Neonatal (Cr. 1)
This course gives students the opportunity to apply theory learned.  The focus is on working with healthy neonate as well as high risk by spending a period of time in normal nurseries and neonatal Intensive Care Units.
MDWF 532 Women’s Health and Normal Childbearing  (Cr.  4)
This course focuses on behavioral and sociological aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and parenting.  It explores in depth the role of the midwife in antenatal, intra-partum and post partum care, in addition to concepts related to well women, health education, health promotion and family spacing.  

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