Graduate Catalog 2017/ 2018

Academic Regulations


  1. Course Work: Students are required to fulfill all assignments, tests, reports, experiments, etc. at the time scheduled by the teacher.  Major exams will be announced at least three school days before the scheduled date.  Any student conflicts must be brought to the teacher's attention within 24 hours of the announcement; late requests for postponement need not be considered by the teacher.
  2. Final Examination: Schedules are posted about two weeks before the end of each semester.  Examinations must be taken at the scheduled times.  If a final examination is missed because of a serious illness or other legitimate reason beyond the student's control, satisfactory evidence must be presented to the Registrar who in consultation with the teacher of the course, will decide whether or not a make-up examination is justified.  No repeat examinations will be given for students who have failed a course.
  3. Academic Honesty: Academic honesty is essential to the integrity of the educational process.  Any case of academic dishonesty will be penalized by a failure in the examination, report, etc. or, in serious and/or repeated cases, a failure in the course, or potential dismissal.
  4. Attendance: Students are required to attend all classes, laboratory sessions and examinations.  The maximum number of absences permitted is twice the number of times that a class meets in one week in a regular semester.  Excessive unexcused absences will be dealt with by the Faculty/Department according to the established procedure.
  5. Lateness: Lateness causes a disruption to the class.  A student who arrives after a lecture or laboratory session has begun may be refused admittance to the class, and if not admitted, will be marked absent.
  6. Change of Program: Whenever a change is made in a student's official program, whether in a course or by withdrawal from the University, the student must obtain, complete and file the appropriate form in the Registrar's Office.  Students should have a serious reason for any change and must know that their graduation may be delayed a result of the change.


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