Faculty of Arts/ Department of Social Sciences

Master in Social Work


List of Required Courses

MSWK 501 Academic reading and writing and foundation of research

MSWK 513  Introduction to Community Practice: Social change, community organization and empowerment , and social movements

MSWK 523  Leadership and Organizational Behavior

MSWK 531  Perspectives and Possibilities of Community Work in Palestine: integrated Mezzo & macro level practices

MSWK 533 Participatory approaches to SW practice: Group work, dialogue and PAR

MSWK 535  Supervision

MSWK 611  Community Practice (1): Youth empowerment

MSWK 621  Community Practice (2): Trauma and Community Healing

MSWK 623 Qualitative research

MSWK 631 Quantitative research and Statistics: Applied regression

MSWK 517,527, 617, 627,  Practicum I – IV

MSWK 770 - 780  MSW Thesis



AVP-GraduateCatalog-Program Learning Outcomes

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