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Program Description  

 The Master in Social Work, MSW, offered by the Department of Social Sciences at Bethlehem University, is a rigorous two-year community based program that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Palestinian society.  The program has three components: core curriculum, advanced practice, and research.

The first is a core curriculum provides the students with a foundation in and understanding of the Palestinian society and its main concerns from a macro and mezzo perspectives. This component focuses on mezzo and macro levels of community social work. The set of theory courses provides the students with basic knowledge regarding community organizing, participatory approaches, and organizational leadership.

 The second component is composed of 8 credit hours of research.  In this component, the student learns the skills and methods necessary for academic field research. The focus is on quantitative and qualitative research methods, and academic writing.

The third component is the practice.  It is composed of four two-credit courses that allow the student to practice the knowledge and skills s/he has acquired throughout the program. In addition the students are enrolled in courses that focus on specific sectors and interventions such as youth empowerment, and trauma and community healing. These courses provide the students with advance knowledge about the practice and the theory in the field.

 The program is crowned with six credit hours of research to produce a master’s thesis, in which the student demonstrates knowledge of the subject and practical field research results. Once the program is completed, the student is expected to have the competence to contribute and advance the field of community social work in Palestine.


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