Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism

Master in Tourism Studies


List of Required Courses

 MRTS 510- The Tourism System  

1- Tourism Infrastructure

2- Tourism Superstructure

3- Tourism Economics


 MRTS 511-History of Tourism Hospitality and Tour Guiding

1- History of Tourism

2- Hospitality

3- Guiding


 MRTS 512-Pilgrimage

1- Jewish Pilgrimage

2- Christian Pilgrimage

3- Islamic Pilgrimage


 MRTS 515- The Palestinian Tourism

1-Palestinian Tourism Offer

2- Palestinian Cultural Heritage

3-Anthropology of Heritage


 MRTS 516- Sustainable Development

1-Principles of Development

2- Development Issues in Palestine

3-Tourism Sustainable Development in Palestine


 MRTS 517- Tourism Policy and Planning

1-Tourism Legal Foundation

2-Tourism Policy and Planning in Palestine

3- Building Tourism Governance


 MRTS 520- Tourism and Regional Development

1- Tourism in the Mediterranean Region

2- Tourism in Europe

3- Contemporary Issues in Tourism


 MRTS 521-Research Methodology

1-Qualitative Research Methods

2- Quantitative Research Methods


 MRTS 522- Management Issues

1- Strategic Management for Tourism

2- Human Resources Management for Tourism

3- Strategic Marketing for Tourism


 MRTS 525- Social Issues

1- sociology of Tourism

2- Anthropology of Tourism

3- Photography and other visual representations


 MRTS 526- Field visits and reporting

 MRTS 610- Thesis



AVP-GraduateCatalog-Program Learning Outcomes

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