Acceptance into Bethlehem University is based upon the General Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi) scores, the applicant's secondary school grades, and Bethlehem University Entrance Examination scores in English, Arabic, and Mathematics.  Interviews are required for Midwifery, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and the Programs in the Institute of Hotel Management.

The Admissions Committee makes the final selection.  The student's first and second choices of programs play an important part in the selection process. The University requires applicants for baccalaureate programs to have an average Tawjihi grade of at least 65%. 

Applicants to diploma programs must have passed the Tawjihi with a minimum score of 60%.  Graduates of Bethlehem University diploma programs with Tawjihi scores at least 65% may be considered for admission to the relevant baccalaureate programs.

In special circumstances some applicants will be permitted to apply to the university a second time.  Candidates who were accepted but did not earn credit may apply to register no later than the second Fall Semester after their original acceptance.  Those who applied, but were not accepted in prior years, or those who were accepted but did not register, may reapply to the University by purchasing a new application and repeating the Entrance Examination and, if required, an interview.  Candidates may not apply to the university more than two times.

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