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Course Description

SOWK 131 Introduction to Social Work (Cr.3)

This course is an introduction of the historical background of the evolution of social work. It highlights social work as a basic foundation in the field, and gives a general overview about nature, functions, principles and features of social work. It also introduces the learners some basic principles that social workers address as human needs, and social problems/services at the international level, with focus on Palestinian individuality. This course is a prelude to subsequent  all courses.


SOWK 221 Fields of Social Work (Cr.3)

This course provides the learners with knowledge about different fields of social work. It focuses on discussing a number of issues such as children, family, school social work, deviation, social work in mental / psychological health, work with the elderly and professional training.

Prerequisite: SOWK 131


SOWK 235 Helping Skills (Cr.3)

This course provides the learners with the basic skills used in interviews and intervention sessions with cases. These include communication skills, listening skills and emotion reflection skills, concepts, self-expression and others. The course also includes types of questions used for information collection.


SOWK 245 Statistics for SOC. Scs (Cr.3)

This course introduces the learners to basic principles of statistics and their practical applications from theoretical and practical viewpoints, using SPSS. It addresses some practical aspect to be acquainted with statistical hypothesis, natural distribution and how to enter/process statistical data.

Prerequisite  MATH 111


SOWK 331 Group Work (Cr.3)

This course introduces the learners to concept, objectives and importance of community service as complementary and integral way with rest of the social work ways. The course addresses principles and foundations of community service, as well as small groups, stages of community formation and evolution, discussion of dynamics in each of these stages and management methods of guidance and supporting groups.


SOWK 333 Community Organization (Cr.3)

This course intends to introduce learners to social communal work at the level of macro action, which focuses on group action, group empowerment, building social capital, social change at society level, survey of society’s challenges and resources, determine leaders, system and relations of powers in society and identify communal coalitions and networks.


SOWK 335 Organization Theory (Cr.3)

This course is an introduction to a cognitive framework for theory and practice of theories and management of institutional attitude. It addresses theories associated with institutional attitude, such as bureaucracy theory, after-bureaucracy theory, leadership theories and institutional field theory. The institution is reviewed as part of the environment in which it exists, and so to interaction of individuals, institutions and institutional environment, and ability of institutions to sustain and develop or not.

Prerequisite: SOWK 333


SOWK 337 Strategic Planning for Human Services (Cr.3)

This course targets the strategic planning of social development at the levels of society and institutions. Accordingly, the course studies planning at the macro and miso levels, such as set/enforce policies and strategies and institutional strategic planning. In this course, the learners will study basics and theories of social planning, review different planning models and acquire basic planning skills, from institutional environment analysis to set vision and priorities of the institution and program development.

Prerequisite SOWK 335


SOWK 339 Social Work   Individual  & Family I (Cr.3)

This course intends to explain what the individual service is with its features, and shows factors that helped this way of intervention appear. The course highlights professional principles and basis on which the individual service is based, which in turn will provide us with academic basis and principles of social work, which includes professional principles and basis of individual service such as privacy, right to determine and others. The course intends to introduce learners to role of the social worker and different professional stages of the profession.


SOWK 332 Quantitative research Methods (Cr.3)

This course intends to study the nature of social researches, with focus on features of researcher and academic methods of social studies. It addresses methods of social and human researches in general, and expansion and depth of quantitative research means and tools in particular. It also explains practical steps followed in quantitative social academic researches, and to introduce academic researching ethics in social and human researches.

Prerequisite: SOWK 245


SOWK 336 Field Work Practicum   I  (Cr.3)

In this course the learners are introduced to different social institutions operating in social work in all its different forms, and to know the role of social worker. The course also attempts to help learners in self-comprehension and their relation with nature of the specialty.

Prerequisite: SOWK 339


SOWK 338 Qualitative Research Methods (Cr.3)

This course is complementary to the academic research methods course (SOWK 332) and (SOWK 245). It is also a prerequisite to the graduation seminar. It addresses academic social researching methods and tools, how to go in-depth in research means and methods, especially interviews, observation by participation, content analysis and case studies as research tools. The course also intends to give learners skills necessary to deal with and undertake social qualitative research methods.

Prerequisite SOWK 332


SOWK 340 Family Intervention in Social Work (Cr.3)

This course intends to provide the learners with theoretical knowledge, family-related concepts and healthy/unhealthy manners, and guides learners in work with family as a system, and attempts to teach different theories in family intervention such as the family evolution theory, syntax theory and Bion theory.

Prerequisite SOWK 339


SOWK 433 Brief Social Work (Cr.3)

This course aims at explaining both the classic and the contemporary theories of short-term intervention, and intervention theories of crises and emergencies. The course provides learners with knowledge to enable them differentiate between special concepts of short-term intervention, such as crisis, shock, emergency and disasters.

Prerequisite SOWK438


SOWK 438 Social Work Individual and Family  II  (Cr.3)

This course intends to provide the learners with a theoretical framework about intervention theories with individuals (macro and miso levels), such as classic and contemporary theories, in addition to modern models and trends of individual intervention.

Prerequisite SOWK 336, SOWK 339


SOWK 437 Field Work Practicum II (Cr.3)

This course aims at associating theoretical material with applied practical reality, and to give trainee learners skills on how to conduct interviews, individual evaluation skills, observation skills, problem identification and goals of the beneficiary and family. The course also intends to give learners preliminary skills about family measurement/evaluation and group action.

Prerequisite SOWK 438


SOWK 439 Field Work Practicum  III ((Cr.3)

This course intends to provide the learners with group action and group formation skills, through the various phases of group growth and development. It attempts to provide them with intervention skills, right to individual skills.

Prerequisite SOWK437


SOWK 440 Field Work Practicum IV (Cr.3)

This course intends to teach learners concepts of learning-through-practice, by expanding the learning process to outside of the lecture room, and start advocacy and support projects aimed at marginalized groups, based on the human rights concepts and in agreement with the Palestinian reality.

Prerequisite SOWK439


SOWK 389 Senior Seminar (Cr.3)

This course intends to provide learners with practical application skills for all they learned (knowledge, skills) about academic researching, whether qualitative or quantitative, and statistics, and discusses/evaluates this academic output.


SOWK 400 Social Work and Trauma (Cr.3)

This course provides the learners with theoretical and practical skills about concept of psychological shocks, crisis, post shock disorder (PTSD) and reaction to shocking incident, and also addresses ways of diagnosis and intervention models/methods in psychological shocks, whether individual, collective, family or social.



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