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Associate Diploma in Religious Education

Course Description

RELS 103  Introduction to Religious Education  (Cr. 3)
This courses presents an overall understanding of the meaning, objectives and necessity of religious education in an  Arab setting.  Dewey and Groome are sources.

RELS 119  Christian Anthropology  (Cr. 1)
This course seeks to know the human person according to Christian theology, education and eschatology.

RELS 120  Psychological Foundations of Teaching  (Cr. 3)
This course takes the form of a general introductory survey, presenting the fundamental concepts of psychology with emphasis on mental functions and personality.  It also presents essentials in developmental theories.

RELS 124  Methods in Religious Education  (Cr. 1)
This course presents various methods for religious education:  memorization, lecture, questions, problem solving, etc.  It aims  at students' evaluation of the these methods and objectives.

RELS 210  Teaching the New Testament I  (Cr.2)
This course is an overview of the books of the New Testament as well as a general view of the historical and social background of the New Testament.  The four Gospels have special attention with an emphasis upon the theological interest of each of the authors. 

RELS 211  Teaching the New Testament II  (Cr. 2)
This course presents an overview of the Acts of the Apostles and after a brief presentation of the life of Paul, a short review of Paul’s letters.  The themes to be developed are: who is Jesus, the Church, and the Christians.

RELS 212  Teaching the Old Testament  (Cr. 3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic scholarly and theological concepts necessary for a Christian reading of the Old Testament in its historical and literary context. 

RELS 213  Teaching Moral Theology  (Cr.3)                                       
This course provides a basic introduction to the study of Christian ethics.  Sources are the Bible, the traditions of the Christian Churches, and human reason.

RELS 223  Basic Christian Doctrine  (Cr.3)                 
This course is a theological study of basic Christian doctrine with emphasis upon:  God, the Trinity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, creation, and redemption.

RELS 224 The theology of the Church  (Cr.3)                
 This course examines the biblical foundation of the Church, apostolic characteristics, expressions made by the Church to world, the Church's mission in building the kingdom of God through the various groups in the Church such as priests and laity. This course focuses on the importance of the unity of the Church and its relationship with the world.               

RELS 225  Christian spirituality   (Cr. 2)
This course presents the spirituality of Sts. Ephraim, Augustine, and Ignatius Loyola.  Methods of prayer are particularly developed and attention paid to renewal of the spiritual life.

RELS 272  Christian Social Teaching  (Cr. 1)
The course provides a basic introduction to Christian social ethics, with particular emphasis given to issues of faith, peace and justice.  Attention is given to significant social encyclicals.

RELS 275  Leadership and Ministry in the Church  (Cr. 2)
This course aims to present and discuss leadership theories, helping the participants to develop their leadership abilities through study topics, such as, vision, goals, planning, organizing, performing, and assessing, etc. 

RELS 333  Teaching Liturgy  (Cr. 3)             
This course begins with an introduction to the nature of liturgy and its place in God’s plan for salvation of human.  Attention will be given to celebrating the sacraments, according to the positions of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches.
RELS 373  Supervised Teaching  (Cr. 1)
Each student is expected to teach several topics to a class under the supervision of the teacher. 

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