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Minor in Psychology

Course Description

PSYC 131 Introduction to Psychology (Cr. 3)

This course intends to introduce the learners to the basic principles of psychology through addressing it and importance of evolution stages since inception, right to being an independent science that is based on academic basis. This course also presents the most important schools and trends that explain the human behavior. The course includes key themes of psychology such as cognitive operations, emotions, learning, intelligence, personality and social interaction. This course is a prelude to subsequent for all courses.


PSYC 231 Developmental Psychology (Cr. 3)

This course presents the learners to a historical introduction to evolution of the cognitive psychology, explaining and defining main terms and concepts in this field. It also considers the basis and laws, and presents basic theories that explain stages of the human development, besides the most important evolutions to different aspects of growth since birth to old age.


PSYC 233 Social Psychology (Cr. 3)

This course intends to present basic concepts of social psychology, in terms of definition, relation with other sciences, evolution stages, respective research methods and the most important psychological theories that explain social behavior. It also presents the key themes of social psychology such as trends, group building/development, social leadership/knowledge, social influence and group behavior.


PSYC 336 Intro. to Counseling (Cr. 3)

This course intends introduces the learners to psychological guidance; its importance, objectives and stages of development. The course also deals with the most important theories and applications of guidance, such as psychological, behavioral, cognitive and human analysis theories, in addition to fields of guidance process, ethical principles, scientific basis, problem solving methods and psychological guidance.


PSYC 331 Psychology of Adjustment (Cr. 3)

This course intends to familiarize the learners with the present theories and researches regarding the harmonic psychology, and focuses on main aspects and influencing factors of the psychological and social harmony. It also focuses on factors that influence harmony of individuals as part of different social occasions, and addresses different models of prevention and intervention to improve psychological harmony.


PSYC 333 Culture and Personality (Cr. 3)

This course intends to study personality and culture through addressing respective definitions and explaining features, components and how each one of them affects the other. The course also deals with theories that explain personality development in light of the cultural differences.


PSYC 341 Group Dynamic (Cr. 3)

This course intends to present concept and theories of the community dynamics, besides nature, formation, growth, activity and production of community, and interactions that happen inside, including the conflicts and coalitions they have and their explanation from a psychological point of view. The course also includes theories explaining community dynamics and how to deal with them, in addition to issues regarding communities such as leadership, how decisions are taken and role of leadership thereto.


PSYC 343 Political Psychology (Cr. 3)

This course presents the learners with the psychological basis of political behavior analysis, such as analysis of trend concepts, ideology, strength, influence, consensus, conflict and social identity within community. It also deals with the aspects of learning, political raising, personality, ideology, political motivations, public opinion, media, political conflict and change.


PSYC 432 Cognitive Psychology (Cr. 3)

This course familiarizes the learners with modern researches and theories that explain how mental process happens inside the brain, and shows relation between these operations and the human behavior through studying different themes, such as attention, recognition, thinking, language, memory, problem solving and decision making.

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