Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences


Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy


Program Of Study

Regular English Students

Course Code Course Title Course Credits Course Type
ENGL120 English Language Skills I 3 University Requirement
ENGL121 English Language Skills II 3 University Requirement
ENGL213 English Language Skills III 3 University Requirement
LIBR101 Library Skills 0 University Requirement
PSED101 Physical Education 1 University Requirement
ARTS110 Creative Arts 2 Faculty Requirement
CAIS252 Introduction to Data Processing 2 Faculty Requirement
EDUC250 Learning Theories 3 Faculty Requirement
EDUC301 Counseling 2 Faculty Requirement
PHIL104 Medical Ethics 2 Faculty Requirement
PSYCGR1 PSYC131 or PSYC232 3 Faculty Requirement
PSYCGR2 PSYC233 or PSYC234 3 Faculty Requirement
SOCI131 Introduction to Sociology 3 Faculty Requirement
SOCI231 Sociology of the Family 3 Faculty Requirement
THEA301 Theater for Special Purposes 3 Faculty Requirement
OCTH110 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 3 Major Requirement
OCTH112 Principles & Practice of Occupational Therapy 4 Major Requirement
OCTH120 Introduction to Health Care 3 Major Requirement
OCTH121 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 4 Major Requirement
OCTH122 Introduction to Neuroanatomy 2 Major Requirement
OCTH124 Ergonomics 2 Major Requirement
OCTH210 Occupational Therapy Theory I 4 Major Requirement
OCTH211 Occupational Therapy Skills I 4 Major Requirement
OCTH212 Occupational Therapy Skills II 4 Major Requirement
OCTH220 Human Growth & Development 4 Major Requirement
OCTH221 General Pathology 3 Major Requirement
OCTH308 Occupational Therapy Theory III 3 Major Requirement
OCTH309 Occupational Therapy Skills III 4 Major Requirement
OCTH310 Occupational Therapy Theory II 3 Major Requirement
OCTH311 Occupational Therapy Theory IV 3 Major Requirement
OCTH312 Occupational Therapy Skills IV 4 Major Requirement
OCTH313 Community-Based Rehabilitation 4 Major Requirement
OCTH314 Adaptive Equipment Workshop 3 Major Requirement
OCTH330 Teaching & Presentation Skills 3 Major Requirement
OCTH353 Health Services Management 3 Major Requirement
OCTH356 Research Proposal Writing 3 Major Requirement
OCTH357 Research Seminar 2 Major Requirement
OCTH401 Clinical Field Work I 2 Major Requirement
OCTH402 Clinical Field Work II 3 Major Requirement
OCTH403 Clinical Field Work III 4 Major Requirement
OCTH404 Clinical Field Work IV 4 Major Requirement
OCTH405 Clinical Field Work V 5 Major Requirement
OCTH406 Clinical Field Work VI 5 Major Requirement


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