Faculty of Education


Secondary Level - Teaching English Language


Learning Outcomes


Students are expected to be able to:


-        demonstrate awareness of  different literary works written in English or are translated into it

-        Exhibit proficiency in the four language skills

-        Distinguish   the  various theories and approaches that are most common in the field  of teaching   English language and literature

-        Recognize the characteristics and elements of various literary genres

-        Demonstrate awareness of the  theories of language acquisition and their practical use in the language classroom


Skills (Intellectual and Practical)

Students are expected to be able to:


-        use effectively the English language skills with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness

-        transform the theoretical knowledge  into  practical classroom application that promote the development of the students in the four language skills

-        design activities, lesson plans and assessment tools   that are appropriate to the students level,  and relevant to the curriculum and the objectives   

-        assess literary selection and use them to improve  students language skills, accuracy and   fluency

-        integrate literary selection into the curriculum to further students literary proficiencies

-        think critically, independently and creatively to evaluate forms and genres of literature

-        apply the basic principles of English language acquisition 



Students are expected to be able to:


-        demonstrate openness and appreciation of the different cultures and ideologies, religion practices and traditions reflected in the target language

-        Demonstrate interest in the target language system

-        follow up the up to date development the field of English language teaching

-        demonstrate positive attitudes toward English teaching and learning 





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