The University reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not maintain a satisfactory academic record or whose conduct or influence is deemed undesirable.  Specifically, the following will warrant Dismissal:

1.Failure for the second time in any one of the English courses required for “Acceptance to Major”

2.Failure of a University requirement for a third time not including English courses required for “Acceptance to Major”

3.Failure of a Faculty requirement for the second time unless a change of Faculty is approved, taking into account the change of Major regulations. (see Note 1 below)

4.Failure of a major course for the second time unless a change of Major is approved while taking into account change of Major  regulations (see Note1 below)

5.Failure of a minor course for the second time unless a change of Minor is approved. (see Note2 below)

6.Reaching the maximum number of semesters on Probation.

7.Failing all courses in the first semester of study not including Community Service (CMSR101), Library (LIBR101), and Physical Education courses (PSED101).

8.Serious violation of academic or disciplinary regulations.

9.Non-fulfillment of financial obligations.

10. Submitting false information on the Admission application or any other official documents.



1.Change of Major Regulation:

A student is allowed to change major once before and once after “Acceptance to Major”.

2.Change of Minor Regulation

Towards the end of the first year, every student whose program of study requires a Minor must apply for acceptance to Minor. Once accepted in a Minor, a student may change the Minor only once.


1.   The Academic Vice President, upon the recommendation of the Dean and Chairperson, may authorize an exception to specific academic regulations for students who have completed at least 80% of the total number of credit hours (Intensive English not included) required for graduation. In particular, in case of an academic dismissal the student may be granted one additional semester on probation before a final dismissal.

2.  Students who in their senior year were dismissed after having exhausted the 80% chance can apply for readmission after one year has elapsed from the date of their dismissal.



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