If in any Semester (not including Summer, see Note below) a student falls below the minimum academic requirements of the University and is in danger of being dismissed, a warning notice of “Probation” shows on the student’s grade report for that Semester.   For Freshman and Sophomore students, this generally means that they are below the criteria necessary to earn Acceptance to Major.  For those who have been accepted into a Major, this generally means that they are below the criteria for Graduation.  To be in good academic standing the following criteria must be met:

a.Maintaining  an overall cumulative GPA (CGPA) according to the following:

(i)  0 to 39 credit hours: 1.75

(ii)  40 to 70 credit hours: 1.90

(iii) 71+ credit hours: 2.00.

b.Earning Acceptance to Major according to the criteria of “Acceptance to Major”.

c.Maintaining a major GPA (MGPA) of 2.00 after completing 7 credits hours in the Major

Specifically, not meeting any of the criteria listed above, warrants Probation.

Students on probation may register for up to 17 credit hours (or the number of credits their paradigm requires) in the semester in which they are on probation. A student on probation may drop a course if s/he deems it necessary to maintain good academic standing as long as the course load does not drop below 12 credit hours.

As Probation indicates that the student is not performing at a minimally acceptable level, it is necessary to limit the number of semesters that a student earns Probation.  A student may earn Probation for a maximum of three semesters.  This means that a student who earns a fourth semester of Probation will be dismissed from the University. 


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