1st year or freshmen - have earned fewer than 30 credits

2nd year or sophomores - have earned between 30 and 59 credits

3rd year or juniors - have earned between 60 and 89 credits

4th year or seniors - have earned 90 or more credits



1.     Part-time students take a maximum of 7 credits (or two courses including their associated labs), unless the student has a semester GPA of 2.50 or higher and an overload is approved by the Dean of the Faculty. 

2.     Students on Probation are restricted to 12 credits, not including Physical Education or Community Service.

3.     Seniors, in their last two semesters, may take a reduced load in order to balance the remaining number of credits between the two semesters.

4.     In exceptional circumstances, approved by the Dean of the Faculty, a student may withdraw from one course.  Such students must still take a minimum of 12 credits

5.     Student load when taking Intensive English courses

6.     The two Intensive English courses ENGR101 and ENGR102 are two credits each. Each meets 6 times per week, which is equivalent to a load of 6 credit hours. This means that the regular load of any student while taking either ENGR101 or ENGR102 must be between 11 and 13 credits.

If a student is on probation then the load while taking ENGR101 or ENGR102 must be between 8 and 9 credits (including PSED101 or CMSR101).


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