Application Procedures for Freshmen

All of the following steps must be met. The University cannot consider applicants who are late for any step in the process.

Step 1:  Pay application fee and obtain Application Form

Step 2:  Return the following required documents to the Registrar’s Office:

1.  Completed Application Form online with photograph.

2.  A certified copy of the Tawjihi Certificate. Applicants present the original certificate and one certified copy. Students with other certificates must in addition present an official document stating that their certificate is equivalent to the Tawjihi, as evaluated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

3.  Official copy of the Secondary  School Report.

4.  Records of post secondary studies (in particular for Higher Diploma Program).

5.  For part time study, letter from employer.

Step 3: After presenting all the above to the Registrar obtain a ticket for University Entrance Examinations and, if required by the program, an appointment for an interview

Step 4:  Sit for University Entrance Examinations and interviews

  1.  Examinations: To be admitted to the examination room, applicants must present a stamped and dated ticket issued by the Registrar's Office.
  2. Interviews: The Dean/Director/Chairperson of each program requiring an interview will arrange the interview with the applicants to their respective programs.  Special placement examinations may be required.

Step 5:  Register for courses

Lists of students accepted for each program will be published in the local newspapers. Applicants accepted must register on the day(s) indicated. This includes payment of tuition and fees.

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