Program Learning Outcomes

 The Department of Humanities

   The Department of Humanities offers a range of courses designed to further enrich students' knowledge of the pivotal ideas and theories of the human sciences. It seeks to help students understand local and global realities; and to increase their capacity for analysis and constructive criticism.  It encourages working for change and building a modern society in which the principles of freedom, equality and social justice prevail. Accordingly, the learning outcomes of these courses are:

 At the level of knowledge students are expected to:

  • - Demonstrate understanding of the vital ideas and theories in the fields of humanities and aesthetics.
  • - Show knowledge of the most important scholars in various fields of the humanities.
  • - Relate the relationship between different disciplines.
  • - Differentiate between various research methodologies of the humanities.
  • - Become familiar with the basic principles of the theory of knowledge.
  • -  Enrich their knowledge of contemporary global issues.
  • - Show knowledge of the structure and challenges of the Arab world.
  • - Understand the most significant events and problems of Palestinian history in different eras.


 At the level of skills students are expected to:

  • Use the humanities methodologies to conduct scientific research.
  • Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking in order to understand different phenomena.
  • Link theories with concrete realities and analyze  the extent of their application in national, regional, and global contexts.
  • Utilize analytical and critical thinking when reviewing literature.
  • Cultivate an aesthetic taste for the arts.
  • Apply academic literacy skills when submitting reports, projects, and research.


 At the level of attitudes students are expected to:

  • Show responsibility towards local and global issues.
  • perceive themselves as agents of change.
  • Respect the values of democracy and principles of human rights.



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