General Rules in Governing Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships cover tuition charges.  The student remains responsible for fees, books, and other charges.

a. General Restrictions

  1. No financial aid will be given to any student whose previous semester GPA is less than 2.50.
  2. No financial aid is offered to freshmen in their first semester at the University.
  3. No financial aid is offered during Summer Sessions except for donor designated summer school scholarships.
  4. Financial aid could be for one semester, one year, or even four years. This depends on the type of the scholarship and the academic achievement of the student.

b. Criteria

  1. The most important consideration is the financial need of the student and his/her family.  Need is assessed by the University’s Financial Aid Advisory Committee based on the completed and submitted social survey and a follow up visit to the social survey office with all needed documents.  In most cases, a home visit will be conducted.
  2. Other considerations are the student’s academic ability as demonstrated by the GPA and personal conduct as assessed by cooperation with instructors and respect for others.
  3. A major factor in allocating financial aid is the amount of money available to the University for Financial Aid.  Regrettably, the University does not have sufficient funds to provide financial aid to all students in need and must restrict itself to giving aid to the most needy.
  4. The amount of financial aid awarded to students is determined by the donations received by the University for this purpose.
  5. Donors’ stipulations and criteria are followed in the selection of students receiving scholarships.

c. Process
The University determines the socio-economic status of its students from the information available through the social survey, which represents the official database used by the University to determine financial need for the purpose of awarding scholarships. In addition, a number of external donors request such information in awarding financial aid to students. Accordingly, all University students are requested to fill out the social survey form and present all supporting documents to the Finance Office in order to be considered for financial aid. Students who do not fill out the survey waive their right to any internal or external financial aid. 

d. Other Financial Aid Schemes
In some cases, external agencies provide financial aid to individual students or groups of students whom they choose.  This is, however, coordinated with the University’s general financial aid restrictions and criteria listed above.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) initiated a revolving loan scheme a few years ago to assist students in paying for their university education. Students must complete an on-line application that is on the MOEHE website.  Selection of loan recipients, as well as the amounts granted, is determined at the MOEHE level.  The Finance Office reviews the list generated and furnished by the Ministry for accuracy and provides information that is asked for by the MOEHE.  Some of the main conditions for the scheme are:

  1. Students must maintain a full time status and have financial need.
  2. Students must have successfully completed one semester.
  3. Students must be in good academic standing and not be on academic probation.
  4. Students may apply for up to 7 semesters for a maximum of 75% of the outstanding tuition in each semester.
  5. In the last semester before graduation, the student has two options:
    a. Decides to pay future installments: in this case the student and a guarantor commit to repay the loan through signing a promissory note at the Dean of Students’ Office.
    b. Decides to pay the full amount before graduation and receives a clearance from the Finance Office after making the payment at the bank to the order of MOEHE.  All of the arrangements are made at the Dean of Students’ Office.
  6. vi.  Repayment starts six months after graduation.
  7. vii. Repayment is in the form of monthly payments that is determined by the MOEHE based on the amount of the loans.
  8. viii. If a student leaves the University for whatever reason before graduation, the loans become payable immediately.

Full details of the student loan program, deadlines, and procedures are available in the Dean of Students’ Office.

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