Financial Aid Schemes


Bethlehem University is most grateful to the generous alumni, friends, and benefactors who have kindly contributed funds to the University in support of various forms of financial aid which cover part of the tuition charges for students, such as Endowed Scholarships, Partially Endowed Scholarships, Annual Scholarships, and Semester Scholarships. Students remain responsible for fees, books, and other charges.  These gifts from generous donors support the educational costs of the University, making it possible for the University to provide quality university education to the students. 

University Sponsored Scholarships and Waivers:

  1. Martyrs Scholarship: The University offers scholarships to the children of martyrs enrolled at the University provided they meet the financial aid academic requirements.  The Ministry of Social Affairs provides documentation supporting a martyr’s status. This scholarship is given unless the semester GPA falls below 2.00.
  2. Tawjihi Scholarship: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education chooses 10 students from the highest Tawjihi score achievers admitted to the University on an annual basis.
  3. Academic Merit Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded to students for the semester after having earned a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Students must maintain a full time status (or enrolled for at least 15 credits).
  4. Students with Disabilities Scholarship: Students with Disabilities are awarded a 50% tuition waiver upon the recommendation of the Committee for Students with Disabilities. Such students must maintain the minimum academic achievement for financial aid.
  5. Employee Relative Waiver: Children and Spouses of Employees of the University receive a tuition waiver provided they meet the minimum academic achievement set for financial aid.  The first such relative receives a 100% waiver, the second 75%, while the third attending school at the same time receives a waiver of 50%.  This is given unless the semester GPA falls below 2.5
  6. Employee Graduate’s Studies Tuition Waiver: employees enrolled in master’s program at BU are entitled for tuition exemption on one three-credit hour course per semester plus the fees.
  7. Children and Spouses of University employees studying masters at the University: are entitled for one third tuition waiver.
  8. The Needy Student Fund: With revenues coming from student registration fees, this fund provides some assistance on an annual basis.  The criteria and restrictions of the fund are available at the Dean of Students’ Office.
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