Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism


Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management


Program Learning Outcomes

LO-1.Apply in-depth knowledge and skills in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant operations relative   to the provision of goods and services .

LO-2.Develop an awareness of the various career opportunities and options within the hospitality industry.

LO-3. Demonstrate familiarity with the organizational structures and basic functions of departments within hospitality and foodservice establishments.

LO-4.Recognize the importance of outstanding guest service quality and ethics.

LO-5. Apply the fundamentals of cooking to the preparation of a variety of products.

LO-6.Demonstrate the knowledge to manage the professional preparation, presentation, and service of quality food.

LO-7. Develop supervisory abilities, teamwork, interpersonal, and social skills.

LO-8. Recognize legal and ethical considerations affecting foodservice and lodging organizations.

LO-9. Demonstrate knowledge of computer applications, management information systems, and quantitative methods.

LO-10. Demonstrate a general understanding of hospitality sales, marketing, and brand positioning.

LO-11. Apply knowledge of financial management to operations related to hospitality management.

LO-12. Recognize the importance of goal setting and team-building.



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