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Description of the programs of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism:

The Holy Land is of historical and religious importance to the three monotheistic religions and thus attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the globe.  Tourism and its related enterprises form the largest industry in this region.  Therefore, tourism plays a crucial role in developing the local economy.

The Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism has been an integral part of Bethlehem University since the opening of the University in October 1973.  The Institute clearly fulfills three of the principle goals of the University:

  1. It provides the only higher educational training center for Palestinian youth interested in preparing themselves for the Hotel and Tourism Industry without going abroad.
  2. It responds to an important local community need by providing professionally trained graduates to maintain and expand the hospitality industry, especially in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
  3. It helps young people remain in their homeland by training them for careers with excellent employment opportunities.

The Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism is a member of the International Hotel Association and the European Hotel School Directors, and is the only accredited International Air Transport Association/Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association (IATA/UFTAA) authorized training center in Palestine.

* This course includes 105 un-credited clinical practice hours.  


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