Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism


Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management


Criteria of Acceptance to Major

Students are expected to be accepted to a Major when they have earned 40 credits, usually after their third semester.  All the following criteria must be met to qualify students for Acceptance to Major (ATM):

  1. Minimum overall cumulative GPA of 1.90
  2. Minimum major cumulative GPA of 2.00
  3. Completion of the English language requirements as follows:
  • Regular English students: completion of ENGL120 and ENGL121
  • Intermediate English students: completion of ENGR102, ENGL120 and ENGL121
  • Intensive English students: completion of ENGR101, ENGR102, and ENGL120

 4. Completion of at least 3 courses (9 credits) in the Major 


  •  If a student completes 40 credits by the end of a Summer Session, the Acceptance to Major check is done at the end of the following semester.
  • Students who change their major before ATM will be checked for ATM once they earn 40 credits.If all conditions 1, 2, and 3 above are met but it was impossible for the student to complete 9 hours in the major the student is given a warning rather than probation.
  • Transfer students who do not satisfy all requirements for ATM at the time of transfer will be checked for ATM once they earn 40 hours including transfer credits.


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