Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism

Diploma in Hotel Management

Course Description

HOTM 102: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management (Cr. 3) 

An introductory course providing an overview of the structure and  scope of the travel/tourism and hospitality industries. This course examines the components of the tourism industry: transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, and attractions. Other topics include the history, political, social and cultural impacts tourism has on local, state and global environments.

HOTM 103, 104: Theory & Practice  of Kitchen & Pastry  I, II (Cr. 3,3) 

These courses cover the basics of quality food production, innovative cooking ideas and advice on technical details of food production equipment and styles. These courses are divided into two hours of theory plus three hours for practicum.

HOTM 103 is a pre-requisite to HOTM 104.


HOTM 107,110: Theory & Practice of Food & Beverage Service I, II  (Cr. 3,3)

These courses concentrate on basic principles involved in food and beverage service leading to the more advanced food service techniques, with major emphasis on the work and responsibilities of employees working in the food service industry. These courses are divided into two hours of theory plus three hours for practicum.

 HOTM 107 is a pre-requisite to HOTM 110.


HOTM 201: Front Office Operations (Cr. 2)

This course emphasizes the important area of human and public relations and the responsibilities of the Front Office Staff. Consideration is given to human relations as they relate to communication in Front Office, hotel organization and its services, salesmanship and legal aspects of inn keeping.

Pre-requisite: HOTM 102


HOTM 202: Theory & Practice  of Housekeeping (Cr. 2)

This course is designed to introduce the students to the basic principles of hotel housekeeping management.

HOTM 203: Kitchen Practice I (Cr. 1) 

This practicum food production course OF 45 hours allows students to experience culinary art of various international cuisines through demonstration and practical applications.

Pre-requisite HOTM 103, HOTM 104


HOTM 205, 206: Principles of Hospitality Accounting I, II (Cr. 3,3)

These courses cover in detail the steps in the accounting cycle including basic rules, procedures and concepts of a variety of business situations.

Pre-requisite HOTM 102- HOTM 205 is a pre-requisite to HOTM 206.


HOTM 208: Front Office Practical & Computer Applications (Cr. 3)

This course provides information about micro management systems for the hospitality industry.

Pre-requisite: HOTM 201


HOTM 209: Food & Beverage Practice I (Cr. 1)

This course equips student with a foundation in basic service skills, communication skills, hygiene and safety at work.

Pre-requisite: HOTM 107


HOTM 210: Food & Beverage Practice II (Cr. 1)

This is a more advanced restaurant service practicum course. Areas covered include total customer satisfaction, reservations, protocol and service excellence.

Pre-requisite: HOTM 209


HOTM 212: Food and Beverage Cost Controls (Cr. 3 )

This course covers essential principles and procedures of effective food and beverage control from both operational and accounting standpoints. Study is divided into two major sections: a) Food Control Principles and Procedures; b) Beverage Control Principles and Procedures.

Pre-requisite: HOTM 102


HOTM 220: Food Science (Cr. 3 )

The relationship between food and disease is studied. Theory and practice in sanitary control in handling food and processing dairy products and meat are also studied. Other areas incorporated in this course include sanitation and the construction and layout of food establishments.


BUSA 227: Computers and Information Systems (Cr. 3)

This course covers the fundamentals of computers and data processing.  It is designed to give the student a background on computers themselves, what they do, and how they are put to work. The course is a practical one that gives the students hands-on experience on the use of commercially available software in word-processing, spreadsheets and presentation programs.

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