Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism


Associate Diploma in Tour Guiding



List of Major Required Courses


Course code

Course Title

Number of credits

TRGD 102 Archeology of Holy Land I 3
TRGD 103 Introduction to Christianity 3
TRGD 104 Geog. of the Holy Land 3
TRGD 106 The Art of Tour Guiding I 3
TRGD 107 History of the Holy Land I 3
TRGD-202 Archeology of Holy . Land II 3
TRGD 203 Introduction to Islam 3
TRGD 206 The Art of Tour Guiding II 3
TRGD 207 History of the Holy Land II 3
TRGD 209 Introduction to Judaism 3
TRGD 301

Botanical  & Animal Life

TRGD 302

Archeology of the Holy . Land III

TRGD 305

History of the Holy  Land III

TRGD 306

Art of Tour Guiding III

TRGD 307

Practical  Aspects of  Tour  Guiding

TRGD 310

Comprehensive Seminar





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