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Associate Diploma in Travel Agency Management

Course Description

TOUR 107: Computer Reservation Systems I (Cr.2)

This course introduces students to the global distribution systems mostly in use by the local and regional travel and hospitality industry.


TOUR 113  Travel Agency Management I (Cr. 3)

This course is designed to provide students with the basic skills and procedures required by professional travel agency managers.


TOUR 117  Outgoing Tourism I (Cr. 2)

In this course detailed guidance is prepared in order to acquaint the students with the outbound tourism and means of transportation on land and sea.


TOUR 118  Outgoing Tourism II (Cr. 2)

This course covers in brief, information about world hotels, main tourist sites and attractions in different countries.  Moreover, it covers a brief analysis of regional framework and specific regions of the world.


TOUR 121, 122 Air Transport Ticketing I, II (Cr. 3,3)

These introductory courses provide students with the basic knowledge relating to the role and functions of international bodies, travel terminology and airline guides.


TOUR 222, 237 Air Transport Ticketing I, II(Cr. 3,3)

These courses offer a broader view to reservations procedures, fare calculations, billing and methods of payments as well as travel  taxation.


TOUR 125, 127  Incoming Tourism I, II (Cr. 2,2)

These courses cover in brief tour brochures including costs, itineraries, group size, pace, single supplements, terms and conditions and consumer protection.


TOUR 227, 228  Incoming Tourism III,IV(Cr. 2,2)

These courses are designed to give a general overview to important  historical and archaeological sites relevant to the Holy Land.


TOUR 133  Geography of  Palestine (Cr. 3)

This course covers the physical, political and economic Geography of Palestine.


TOUR 151  Customer Services Management  (Cr. 3)

This course will prepare the students in the two areas of Travel Formalities and Customers Services and Selling Techniques.  Students will study the types of customers, their needs and expectations, how to create good customer relations the selling process and making recommendations and closing the sale.  Travel formalities include passport and health certificates, taxes, customs and currency, insurance.


TOUR 152  Geography in Travel Planning (Cr. 3)

This course will give the students a broad image about destination geography, including factors that determine a destination's appeal such as attractions, accessibility, costs and standards of living, culture & climate.  Cultural geography and patterns of tourism.


TOUR 153  Transportation in the Travel Industry (Cr. 3)

Students will study Airline codes and definitions, aircraft and in-flight services, airport facilities and special passengers, automations, baggage, international regulations, and travel guides.


TOUR 154  Hotels and Tour Packages (Cr. 3)

This course will give details about administrative and accounting  procedures, tour packages and hotel reservations.


TOUR 201  Field Trips I

Jerusalem, Bethlehem area and surroundings


TOUR 202  Field Trips II

Nazareth and Tiberias


TOUR 203  Field Trips III



TOUR 204  Field Trips IV

Dead Sea and Qumran


Selected field trips cover a wide variety of interesting places for tourists.



TOUR 207 Computer Reservation Systems II (Cr. 2)

This is a continuation of TOUR 107 involving airline distribution, pricing, ticketing and transaction processing.


TOUR 211  Travel Agency Management II (Cr. 3)

This course deals with selling practices, commercial skills, requirements and fundamental skills to all business operations.


TOUR 212, 252  Travel Agency Management III, IV (Cr.3,3)

These courses are a continuation of Tour-113 and Tour-211 as required  by the IATA/UFTAA International Certification Program. Areas covered include: travel business environment, major international travel and tourism organizations, employment in the travel and tourism industry.



TOUR 217  Outgoing Tourism III (Cr. 2)

This  course introduce students to the fundamentals of escorted guided tours, round-trip transport to the destinations, airport transfers and hotel accommodations.


TOUR 218  Outgoing Tourism IV (Cr. 2)

This course is designed to give an overview to important international destinations and world attractions.


TOUR 243  Human Resource Management (Cr. 3)

This course aims to provide an understanding of the role of the management of people at work in theory and practice.  It is designed to provide a specific body of knowledge in human resource management.  It will also provide student with the skills to manage themselves on their supervised work experience and to understand and appreciate particular management styles, structures, and culture which they may experience.


TOUR 244  Tourism Marketing (Cr. 3)

This course applies the theory of direct marketing and service marketing for practical use in the Tourism Industry.  Concepts analyzed include marketing mix components of products - presentation communication and distribution - customer retention, service deliveries, systems and Internet-based strategic marketing applications.  Case studies show how direct marketing and service marketing can be used by a variety of travel and tourism related service suppliers and vendors.


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