Procedures for Transfer Students

Bethlehem University allows students to transfer from recognized institutes of higher education.  The following policies apply:

  1. Minimum standards and admission criteria as stated for regular students and in-service applications must also be met by transfer applicants.
  2. Transfer applicants must have earned a cumulative GPA of “C” (2.00 or 70%) or higher.
  3. Courses transferred should be compatible with the courses offered at Bethlehem University.
  4. Courses are transferable only if the grade earned was “C” (2.00 or 70%) or above.  No courses can be transferred from transcripts with cumulative GPA lower than “C” (2.00 or 70%).
  5. Transfer applicants to baccalaureate degree programs and who have at least 30 transferable credits are admitted without an Entrance Examination.  However they might be asked to sit for an English Placement Examination.  Moreover, before accepting a course for transfer a Department may require the student to sit for an exam.
  6. Transfer applicants to baccalaureate degree programs with fewer than 30 transferable credits must take the University Entrance Exam and if accepted, credits from their previous institution can be considered for transfer upon admission only.
  7. Course grades of accepted courses are not transferred.
  8. Bethlehem University accepts a maximum of 60 transferable credits towards the fulfillment of the admitted student’s graduation requirements towards a baccalaureate degree.  At most 50% of the courses in the sought Major can be transferred.
  9. Bethlehem University does not transfer credits from open education institutions.
  10. Bethlehem University does not transfer credits from community colleges unless the applicant has earned a diploma and has passed a comprehensive exam and any other requirement according to the “Tajseer” Policy of the Palestinian Ministry of Education.  Holders of diplomas who wish to upgrade to Bachelor degrees are treated as transfer students.

Applicants should schedule a meeting with the Registrar who will determine the relevant admission procedures and applicable requirements for each individual.  This meeting must be scheduled by the applicant in time to enable the applicant to meet all admissions deadlines.


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