Student Senate

The student body is represented by the Student Senate, elected by the students during the spring semester of each academic year. The Senate is comprised of two bodies, the Conference and the Secretariat. The total number of the members of the conference is 31, who are elected by the student body through a system of proportional representation.  The Secretariat consists of 11 members who are designated by the Conference. Members of the Secretariat should be members of the Conference, and have to receive the vote of confidence of 51% of the Conference members.  The Secretariat consists of a president, vice-president, secretary general, treasurer, and secretaries of the following committees: Social, Cultural, Folklore, Arts, Sport, Academic, Public and External Relations, and Environment and Health.

The aims of the Student Senate are:

  1. to represent the general student body
  2. to serve as a recognized channel of communication between students and University authorities
  3. to foster loyalty, and concern for the University among the student body
  4. to enhance the students' sense of responsibility and leadership
  5. to promote good relations among the students, as well as between students and staff, and between students and the administration
  6. to encourage interest in academic affairs and to strive constantly to improve the image and reputation of the University as a center of scholastic excellence.
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